Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit is the cornerstone of Farningham Kitchen where we aim to keep it fresh, tasty and local. And we think you can taste the difference in our jams.

There are some fruits of course that we cannot buy from Kent farms, and on those instances we work with importers to match as closely as possibly our aim of fresh, tasty and only in small batches.

But for most of our products we buy only locally grown seasonal fruit - Kent is called the Garden of England for a reason!

And the seasonal part of that is really important because it allow us to use fruit at the peak of their freshness and tastiness! 

It does mean that sometimes we sell out of products, and that is because we could have to wait for the next harvest to have access to the fruit we want - but we hope that the wait is worth it; and we hope you like our approach of not compromising on quality.  

We are all about fresh, tasty and local (and seasonal too!).