we support local

We support and use local produced

Using local fruit

We are very lucky, here in Kent. We are surrounded by nature that helps our farmers produce some of the tastiest, freshest, juiciest fruit in the whole wide world. And that is one of the big reasons why Farningham Kitchen jams are also some of the tastiest around.

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Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh seasonal fruit is the cornerstone of Farningham Kitchen where we aim to keep it fresh, tasty and local. And we think you can taste the difference in our jams.

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Supporting local farmers

Farmers are made of strong stuff. Working all hours, in all weathers, and playing an essential role in keeping fresh food and produce available to all communities.

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Enjoy it

We were inspired early on by our childhood memories of great homecooked food. At Farningham Kitchen we want to create new memories for you by producing something special.

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