12 Aug

I particularly look back fondly at those long school summer holidays. Those weeks that stretched from that last day of school in July through to ‘back to school’ in September – and one of our family outings used to be to a local farm to ‘Pick Your Own’ strawberries. I’m not sure I was great at filling the basket with this fresher-than-fresh fruit, but I do remember that it signalled the time when we would spend a couple of hours in the kitchen making homemade jam.

And that jam was special. Homemade of course meant that it was free from additives and chemicals, it was made with love, and it was made with locally grown fresh fruit. This fabulous jam was used for homemade cakes, for scones lasted the whole summer – and much of those autumnal days. But I most remember that jam being served on fresh white bread thickly sliced, with butter, as an afternoon treat. Having tried many shop bought jams since those childhood days I had not yet found anything that came close to in taste.

And so Farningham Kitchen was born – a chance to recreate that homemade jam, made with fresh locally produced fruit, and tasting delicious.

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