Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade

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Some people had told us that they like a bit of an extra tangy flavour hit in the morning - so we looked for a giant of the citrus world - and something that could taste from bittersweet to sour, and everywhere in between. So, as we pondered and considered what we should include in our new Citrus Collection we knew that we wanted a monster flavour hit. To get that we headed on down to the sub-tropics for the grandfather of citrus and the ingredient that is guaranteed to give you a skip in your step, and a hit with your tastebuds. The ultimate morning combination of grapefruit and orange is a party on your tongue and your toast - and great in cakes. A celebration of breakfasts, summer and lazy days. Stand by your toaster. Help is on its way. Our Grapefruit & Orange Marmalade has been made using fresh fruit. We believe in sustainability, in local produce, in fresh ingredients and in supporting other local businesses.

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Fresh grapefruit, fresh oranges, fresh lemon, sugar, fresh lemon juice, and a splash of water.

Prepared with 52g of fruit and 48g of sugar per 100 grams