from the beginning


FK was born

The day is almost upon us – and after many months of tests and trials and new recipes and new techniques, we are almost ready to start selling our first jams. An historic day indeed!

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Preserve pioneers

Welcome to our Kitchen! We launched Farningham Kitchen in 2019, and when we say we’re “Made in Kent” we really do mean that.

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Get fruity

The key to our very excellent jam is of course our amazing fruit and ingredients from local farmers. We’ve scoured the Garden of England to find the most beautiful berries to make the perfect jams. Never frozen, never processed, never treated - always fresh fruit - grown in Kent, brought in small batches so that the fruit is always fresh and in season. In other words - delicious ingredients for delicious jam. It was a tough job, but we were up to the task, and we think you’ll agree the end results are worth it.

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Jam masters

We love living in Kent. We live here, go to the pub here, have epic country walks there, and now we make wonderful jams here too. We like to think that we are the Ben and Jerry of the jam world, but you won’t be finding any cookie dough in your jams don’t worry. We just want to make awesome jam using the best of everything the local community can provide. We like to think that we are the jam masters. The weavers of jam-based dreams.

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We are launching today our new online shop with great graphics for you to understand our philosophy and the importance for us about keeping it local...

Mar 29, 2021